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How Much is a Survey?

More importantly. Why are you getting a survey and how to ensure you get the right surveyor.

It's the question that everyone asks first. How much is a survey? Is it the right question to ask first though?

Lets look at the question from another angle. Why are you getting a survey? Is it because the bank, solicitor or estate agent told you to? Was it something you read online or a friend told you to get a survey?

There are a lot of reasons why you get a survey done. Primarily the reason should be so that you are informed about what you are buying. We are not suggesting money is no object here, but should you really be choosing your survey based on how cheap they are? Property is generally your biggest asset so quality should be playing a big part of your decision.

Why are you getting a survey? Hopefully you are getting a survey because you want to know what condition the property you are buying is in. If you are considering whether the Valuation survey is enough then you need to decide what it is you want to know. A Mortgage valuation survey is for the mortgage lender to know whether they will get their money back if they have to repossess the property. Sorry that's a bit blunt, but it is the case. There is no other detail in a mortgage valuation survey other than whether the amount being lent is a safe bet.

Who is suggesting you get a survey? We are completely independent and do not pay any agents or conveyancers to refer us. Firms who are paying for referrals and recommendations have to declare an interest. Would you not be more comfortable with an independent surveyor rather than one suggested by the agent who is getting a payment for recommending them?

Choose your surveyor based on their ability to carry out the survey, to dedicate enough time to carrying out the survey, writing the report and having the time to speak to you after the survey or when you receive the report to answer questions. Surveyors who are carrying out a manageable workload to have the time to do a thorough job are seldom the cheapest. Lotus Surveyors competes on quality and not on price.

We always say

"If you want a cheap survey. Get a cheap surveyor. If you want a thorough survey and good customer service then come to us".

So, how much is a survey?

Every property is different and because we have to dedicate the right amount of time to the property to carry out the survey well, we quote based on the complexity of the property. This means you always get the right price for the survey. Price comparison websites are not accurate because they can only give an average estimate of the cost. We will be honest with you, and we do advertise on comparison sites however, the figures we put in is that for an average 3 bed 1970s semi because we have to put something in, and we find that to be around average. Sometimes your tailored quote will be cheaper and sometimes more expensive. Again, that is because we price based on time. We could not possibly price a 5-bedroom detached Victorian Villa the same as a 1960's bungalow. We would hope you would agree because you do not want us to spend the same amount of time on your 5 bed Victorian property as we would a 1960's bungalow. Equally if you have a 1960's bungalow then you don't want to be paying the same amount as a 5-bed detached Victorian Villa.

When you fill in the form below it is important to include the postcode and address of the property so we can look it up and get a price based on its complexity. We will advise on the type of survey that is recommended for the property and we will never oversell you a survey.

A good survey can provide you with information to give you peace of mind, stop you buying a property that is out of your comfort zone for level of work or highlight works that need doing so you can negotiate with the seller of the property. Many times we have seen clients save well more than the cost of the survey in being able to renegotiate with evidence behind them. Or avoid a property with hidden defects all together potentially saving thousands on unexpected repairs.

Our quotes include VAT so please do remember that the government gets 20% of that figure.

Typically a Level 2 Home survey will typically cost between £450 and £900. This depends massively on the size, complexity, value and age of the property. Why does the value make a difference? We have to take into account the insurance premium on each survey is different based on its value.

Typically a Level 3 Home survey will typically cost between £600 and £1200. That is quite a range and is simply down to the differences in complexity of properties. We can not put a 4 bedroom bungalow, a 4 bedroom terrace and a 4 bedroom detached house with 4 en-suites, 4 reception rooms and a wine cellar into the same level of complexity. Every property is different.

All too often we hear the word "competitive", when what people mean is cheap. We compete on quality. Please check out our Trust Pilot reviews to see how competitive we are. Check out the other companies reviews to see how competitive they are on quality. We do not overload our diaries in order to drop prices. Pile it high and sell it cheap is not a good attitude when it comes to your house purchase. We have experienced and qualified staff with many years of experience in different sectors to bring a more wholistic and rounded survey to include areas that is not always included in a standard survey.

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