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Independent Surveyor Services

Are you an independent surveyor trying to do it all yourself?
Do you find call centres do not help the problems you have providing quotes and arranging diaries?
Do you want to set your own fees?
Do you need a Personal Assistant but can not justify the cost?
Back office supplied

Your back office needs sorted.

You can have your own back office without the full expense while still maintaining control over your fees and diary. Sounds too good to be true?

Take the load off

We can provide independent surveyors with a back office to free up your time to carry out surveys and write reports.

With a service which fits around your diary and your fee scales.

No more panel companies setting your fees or dictating your diary.

Better than a call centre

Call centres so often sound like an alternative but clients want leads responded to quickly and have their questions answered not just someone to take a message.

Complete service provided

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Free yourself up

You get on with the surveys, we handle the office.

Each surveyor has their own dedicated line to the office so clients are greeted with your company name and not a call centre. Just like having your own back office.

Only one surveyor will be handled in each area so you know we are providing a dedicated service to you in your area.

We provide quotes like having your own office staff based on your fee scales.

Full details on the service that can be provided are available on request.

Pricing is based on your anticipated workload and not as a percentage of the fee. Fair pricing and experienced staff.